Nissi - A Greek Story

“Nissi” [NIH-see] (νησί) The Greek word for island …but this is about much more than an island!


From the Greek Islands to the Island of Bahrain, explore the abundant riches of products, cuisine, cultural experiences, and everything in between. Nissi is an opportunity to immerse oneself in everything Greek.

At Nissi we provide products that elevate daily life.  With a wide assortment of delicious Nissi products, we source Mediterranean staples that complement every dish- traditional and contemporary.  Organic, Halal, and ISO Certified, you can’t beat these standards anywhere!

Olive Oil

Derived from a unique combination of olives found across Crete and Greek mainland is mouth-watering olive oil.

In addition, our olive oil soaps are hand-made and produced exclusively from the same high quality olive oil.

Feta and Haloumi

Our delectable range of cheeses are rich in flavor and meet only the highest global production standards.


100% natural. Our oregano is sold in its purest form. Free from preservatives and unnatural processes, consumers are left with wholesome taste and abundant health benefits.


Led by locals, our honey is sourced from seven prime locations across the Greek Islands. We deliver unmatched taste and quality.

AND  more!

Food is only 

the half of it…

The Nissi Story, while driven by food is about delivering a wholesome Greek experience. Our customers fuel their bodies with the best, inside and out. Our exclusive range of Greek cosmetics are natural and free from “nasties”, ensuring you look and feel good.



Why Nissi 

We are committed to creating a culture of healthy living, a goal that is inspired by Greek traditions and driven by high-quality ingredients. Our travels through the Greek Islands brings you the purest products in one convenient location.